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Transactional email service
We know what it takes to send emails


We know what it takes

We have billions of emails of experience sending emails so we know what you want when sending transactional emails.


We store all data in the EU and the company is privately owned within the EU. We’re GDPR compliant!


Need a data processing agreement? Not to worry, we have one for you.

Expert customer care helps you solve issues in record time via e-mail, livechat and phone.

Our more than 20 years of experience delivering e-mail will help you get your e-mails through.

High performance servers and software ensure that we have resources available for your e-mail as well.

Shared or dedicated IP’s – it’s your choice. We will help you get warmed up to ensure great deliverability.

Easily connect to our service using our REST API or SMTP service.


Receive live feedback on your e-mails using webhooks.

All traffic is encrypted using SSL and TLS.


Transactional emails

There are many ways to use transactional emails. Secure and reliable email delivery is critical to your business.

Transactional email

Indentity and authetification emails

Send identity and authentification emails and help your users keep their accounts and data safe. Help users to avoid identity theft.  

Transactional email

Order confirmation emails

Send your customers an order confirmation email. Make sure your customer feels informed about the order immediately and accurately with order details. 

Transactional email

Shipping notification emails

Notify your customers about the shipping status. Keep them updated about the status and make sure that your customers are informed about the items shipped.

Transactional email

Purchase receipts

Inform your customers about their purchase details such as products and payment details. 

Transactional email

Account creation emails

Inform your users and customers about account creation & updates. Engage your leads through emails and directly communicate with them.

Transactional email

Account notification emails

Inform your users, customers or leads about the account changes such as changes in data handling, closure of the account or new possibilities and advantages of having the account. If your product is based on monthly payments or membership, communicate about the account status and possibilities.

Transactional email

Password reset emails

If you manage the account on your website, let the user manage the password. Good user service is letting your users reset passwords on the fly.

Transactional email

Legal notification emails

Communicate with your leads or customers about legal changes. Changes in the privacy policy, customer service policy or, for example, communication about changes in a legal agreement between parties is always necessary to communicate about.


Plans & Pricing

Enjoy transactional emails for competitive prices. If you are not sure about which plan you should choose, contact us and we will figure it out together.

Our prices start at only 100 DKK per month for 10.000 emails.

Emails per month
Price DKK
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Package 400.000
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