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Get higher deliverability and access to logging files of your transactional emails with Heysender.
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    Your transactional emails matter


    Because your customers expect to recieve them.

    That’s why we offer a platform with high deliverability that lets you acces logging files, so you can support your customers faster and better. It’s easy. 


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    Your data matters to us

    And that’s why GDPR is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we are proud to present our ISAE 3000 report as part of our efforts to ensure the highest level of data security for our customers.

    We know what it takes to send emails

    Are you tired of not being able to tell your customers why they never received their transactional email?

    Then you’re not alone. Most companies use transactional email services that offer very little or no insight for trouble shooting. They just send the email and that’s that. No logging of data, and no chances for you to explain your customers why they never received their email.

    This means that all you can do is cross your fingers, and hope you don’t get a call from an angry customer. But what if that happens?

    Then you’re left with very unsatisfied customers, and no chance of helping them. Of course you can just send the email again, and hope it will be delivered this time. But you’ll never find out why it happened in the first place.

    So chances are, it will happen again. And that will probably make you feel very unprofessional, desperate and frustrated.

    With Heysender, we promise you: That will not be the case. 

    Over 20 years of experience with emails

    With over 20 years of experience with email marketing, we know how important your transactional emails are. Whether it’s receipts, shipping information, password reset or other important information, your customers expect to receive their email. Every time.

    That’s why we created the right platform for you to meet their expectations.


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    We store all your data in the EU, so you can use a GDPR compliant platform.
    We’ll help you get warmed up to ensure great deliverability of your transactional emails.
    Our support is always ready to help you through email, live chat and by phone.
    You can easily connect to our service using our REST API or SMTP service.
    You can receive live feedback on your emails using webhooks.
    All traffic is encrypted using SSL and TLS, so you never have to worry about data protection.

    Are you a developer?

    Access our documentation below, and see how easy you can implement Heysender in your company.

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    Our prices start at only 100 DKK per month for 10.000 emails.

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