Transactional emails

Your transactional emails are critical to your business

When your customers interact with your business, they expect to receive the right information at the right time. And that’s why your transactional emails are critical to your business.

We offer a transactional email service with high deliverability, access to logging files and quick support. With the right platform, you don’t have to waste time trying to find answers for unsatisfied customers.

When you use Heysender for your transactional emails, you get:

Higher deliverability of your transactional emails

Access to a GDPR compliant platform

Quick support in Danish or English

Heysender - we know what it takes to send emails

Transactional emails are essential to your customers

There are many ways to use transactional emails. And it’s important to acknowledge how essential they are to your customers. When you get higher deliverability of your transactional emails, you get less calls from unsatisfied customers.

Below, you can see a list of different types of transactional emails – it’s not hard to understand why customers expect to receive them. 

Shipping notifications

Notify your customers about the shipping status. Keep them updated about the status and make sure they’re informed about the shipment.

Purchase receipts

Send receipts and inform your customers about their purchase. It’s essential that they recieve information about products and payment details. 

Account creation

Inform your users and customers about account creation and updates. Engage your leads through emails and communicate directly to them.

Indentity and authetification

Send identity and authentification emails and help your users keep their accounts and data safe. Help users avoid identity theft.

Password reset

Forgetting a password happens to all of us once in a while. Let the user manage the password. That’s why it’s a good service to let your users reset their passwords easily.

Account notifications

Inform your users or customers about account changes. If your product is based on monthly payments or membership, communicate about account status.

Order confirmation

Send your customers an order confirmation email. Make sure your customers feel informed about the order immediately and accurately with order details.

Legal notification

Communicate about legal changes. Changes in the privacy policy, customer service policy, or changes in a legal agreements is critical information to your users. 

Event registration

When you’re hosting a physical or online event, your customers expect to receive their tickets, event registration and information about the event at the right time.