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Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers

Daily limit

Do I have a daily limit?

Yes, your daily limit is 10% of the plan you are currently on. For example, if your plan holds 100.000 emails, you can send 10.000 emails per day.

What counts as a sent email?

An attempt to send an email counts in the grand total, no matter if it is a success, softbounce or hardbounce. However a re-attempt to send a softbounce does not count as an extra email.

What happens if I exceed my daily limit?

Should you exceed your daily limit, emails will be blocked until midnight. You can also reach out to support team to upgrade your plan.

How do I upgrade my plan?

If you exceed your plan limit, your plan will automatically be bumped to the next tier at midnight. If you wish to upgrade to a specific plan simply reach out to our support team and let them know which plan you wish to upgraded to.

Account and billing

What is the payment frequency?

Heysender is billed monthly in advance.

How long is my commitment period?

The agreement is ongoing and may be terminated in writing by either party with 6 months’ notice to the end of a month. See terms and conditions

I am missing an invoice

If you are missing an invoice you can log into your account and head over to the billing section and download the invoice. Any other financial question can be sent to our accounting department and they will assit you. They can be reached at: finance@heysender.com

My invoice is incorrect

If the invoice holds an incorrect amount, please reach out to our finance department, and they will assist you. The can be reached at finance@heysender.com


Can I become a partner with Heysender?

Yes, you can become a partner with Heysender. We have 2 different options for collaborations: Become a reseller or an integration partner.


As a reseller you will get your own admin panel, where you can setup accounts for your customeres. From here you will also be able to log into their accounts and assist them with configuring their settings.

Integration partner

You can become an integration partner and do a technical integration where you will be able to earn kickback. Reach out to our sales team to hear more


Can I get a demo of the system?

Of course you can get a demo of our product, just reach out to sales team.

Can I get a demo account, and what does it include?

Absolutely you can get a demo account. A demo account allows you to send up to 100 emails, while testing.

Does a demo account cost anything?

No, a demo account is free. Once the limit has been met, you need to activate a paid account to get started.

Can we do a bulk test?

If you wish to do a bulk beyond the 100 emails included in the demo account, reach out to our support team and they will setup the bulk option for you


Which shopsystems can I use with Heysender?

In theory you can use it with any product, but some do require some coding, as not all systems support custom SMTP setup.

Currently we have guides for:

Technical questions

How large emails can I send with Heysender?

The total size of the encrypted email, including attachments can be 25MB of size

How long are emails stored?

By default emails are stored for 30 days, this can either be changed to a constant default of your choosing. Or it can be defined on each email.

What files types can I attach to my email?

Naturally you can attach files to your emails in Heysender. In the link below you can read which files types are supported by Heysender:


Are there a TLS version requirement?

Yes, the minimum requirement for TLS is version 1.2

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